Lean Meat, Great Sauce

About Danny's Bar-B-Que

A resident of Jacksonville, Florida for 41 years my family and I were relocated to Cary, North Carolina in October of 1989. Avid BBQ connoisseurs, we immediately went in search of the real pit, hickory-smoked BBQ. We soon discovered that BBQ in North Carolina consisted of shredded pork with vinegar sauce which was totally different from the BBQ we had grown to know and love. Longing for the BBQ we were accustomed to, yet unable to find, a decision was made to open Danny's Bar-B-Que.

Danny's BBQ consists of chicken, ribs, pork, beef, and turkey, all slow cooked on an open pit with Hickory wood. Our own original sauces are provided on the table for individual tastes. We also offer the traditional North Carolina vinegar sauce. The BBQ is served with creamy cole slaw (on the side), real baked beans with pork, potato salad, corn, toasted BBQ bread and french fries. Southern style banana pudding is a standard dessert item.

It is our goal to serve good BBQ at a reasonable cost so that everyone can enjoy our food. Special attention has been given to the creation of our Piglet's Menu.

It is my hope that you and your family will enjoy this different style of BBQ. I look forward to seeing you often at Danny's Bar-B-Que.

- Danny